pushover in action
centre passage shed - feeding large industrial block silage

Pushover takes the backache out of feeding silage…

The pushover totally eliminates forking, saves time and silage. The pushover is a completely independent machine on its own swivel castors, which is simply pushed or pulled along the feeding passage by the operator.

It feeds silage in any shape or form – round bale, block or shear grab and loose silage. Since it pushes from the rear of the block it does not break up the silage as in forking, therefore the silage remains fresh for longer and there is no wastage. This results in a considerable saving in silage.

The pushover is a fast and efficient way to feed cattle, (4 bay double shed can be fed in 8 minutes, a 3 bay single shed in 4 minutes).
It is simple to operate and with an overall height of 1.63 metres (5ft.4ins) it can be used by anyone.
It is suitable for single side passage or double centre passage sheds.
It will feed small or large numbers of cattle quickly and efficiently.
It is especially efficient in long multi bay sheds - 10 or 12 bay units - centre or side passage.

The pushover is also designed with two pushing members, one on each limb. These members are extended into a wedge shaped divider enabling it to be used in the narrower passages.

Single House Method
Back limb is braced against the wall and the front limb when operated by the hydraulic ram pushes the silage towards the feed barrier. For wider single house passages the extension can be used to increase the working distance.

Double House Method
A length of scaffolding pipe – 48 mm diameter gun barrel – is secured along the length and in the centre of the feed passage floor. The grab hooks at the base of the machine anchor around the pipe to push the silage towards the barrier. When one side is fed the machine is simply turned around to feed the other side.

All parts covered by 12 months warranty

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